10 Awesome Tips to Make a Website User-Friendly

Are you a frequent visitor to websites?

Perhaps the navigation wasn’t easy to use or didn’t display properly on your device. It might have had an old feel, or it could have been difficult to load graphics.

If you are like most customers, the user experience will have an impact on your perception of the company. You might even have chosen a competitor with a better website.

It is important to have this experience as a business.

Why? Your website is the substructure of your digital marketing success.

We have compiled 16 tips to help you avoid this happening when creating a user-friendly site. Let’s get started.

Keep in mind the six elements we have just discussed. Here are ten more tips to help you stay on track.


Make your Navigation Logical

It is essential to provide a user-friendly website.

Make sure your navigation is logical and makes sense to people who typically use websites for information searches.

Use accessible language and tone

Another tip: Use accessible language and tone to reach your target audience.

What does this all mean? It is a smart idea to provide a version of your website in the language your customers speak.

It is important to keep certain cultural attitudes and tones in your writing.

Make sure your website design considers the user first

It is not about creating a website that is convenient for you and your team. You should instead choose a design that is user-friendly and meets their needs.

This perspective is a way to see the end goal. It makes it easier to identify areas that might need improvement or problems with the user experience.

Keep it simple

UX doesn’t have to be difficult to connect with visitors.

Simple pages with simple information can position you as an authority in your niche. They also give your target audience the information that they need.

Online forms more efficient

Your website’s usability is directly affected by the efficiency of your online forms. It is likely that someone will take the time to fill out a form, and they will need a follow up in a timely manner.

Your forms should be simple enough to use for ease of usage, work well, and route to the right person to address the request, whether it’s an automated download, customer service rep or sales team member.

Improve your site layout

You can improve your website’s layout if it is old or has not been updated in several years.

This involves identifying and mapping out areas that have changed in technology or attitudes about website architecture since your initial launch.

A survey can be used to ask current customers what they consider to be a problem with your site.

Keep psychology in mind

When building a website that is user-friendly, remember basic psychology. When it comes to visiting pages, there are some elements most people are familiar with.

The footer usually contains terms of service information and privacy policies, while the navigation is at the top.

You can look at competitor websites or pages you like to see how they have used site architecture.

Select the right color

It is important to understand the psychology behind color selection.

Our brains have been trained since birth to associate certain hues with particular characteristics. Red is associated with anger, while green is associated with money.

Choose color combinations that represent the brand’s values when designing a user-friendly website.

Remember Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendliness is not only crucial for user experience but also an important component of search engine optimization (SEO).

Google wants a mobile-friendly page that renders quickly and is easy to use by your visitors. This should be a top priority in your design.

Information Chunking

Nobody wants to read lengthy paragraphs or walls of text these days. Instead, you can use information chunking to visually break down sections of your website’s data.

Want an example? To make it easier to read, we’ve divided this article into several subheadings.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a great website in 2022?

Websites that are successful are well-organized and adhere to a specific structure. They are professional and clean. A great website designed to target a specific market or audience. A website is great and user-friendly when that website is managing by a good agency.


Is it important to have a great user experience?

A great UX can make customers loyal. A simple UX improvement can make a difference in customer experience. You can build trust and reliability by creating a website that is user-centric, reliable and provides value to your audience.


What’s the value of user experience?

User Experience is about helping people achieve their goals and solving real problems. UX professionals identify the needs of users, find ways to fix them, and create solutions.


Do I need an agency to build a user-friendly website?

If you are in a hurry and need a simple website, it is best to just do it yourself. If you have a website that you need to build quickly or has many features, you should hire someone. You get two things from having more time.


What does it cost for an agency to build a website?

It can cost anywhere between $100 and $3,000, or more. An agency will typically design a simple website for you. It can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. Websites with more complex features will run between $40,000 and $75,000, depending on how large they are.


What are the 5 most important aspects of a website?

  1. Clear description of who and what you are
  2. Contact page
  3. Information in small chunks
  4. Easy mobile navigation
  5. Testimonials from customers


Warping Up:

If you want your brand’s reputation to be trusted in your industry, it is essential that your website is user-friendly.

A page that allows your target audience to easily identify the next opportunity is key to getting them to act.

These tips will help you refine your design and make it more appealing to visitors. You can also hire a web or app development company to do this task for you.

Do you want to increase the quality and user experience on your website?

Interactive content can be a great way for users to engage and increase their time on your site. Our guide will help you understand what interactive content is and why it is important.

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