9 Common Misconceptions About Ecommerce Website Developer

A developer has to take care of the major and minor features of a website. Although several misconceptions linked with their responsibilities are making people confused. To avoid this, try to understand the difference between reality and myths.

Thousands of experts emphasize focusing on the criteria and functionalities. So the ecommerce website developer has to make sure to add unique options. It can contribute to business growth later.

Nine Common Misconceptions About Ecommerce Website Developer:

This digital era is related to online shopping, transactions and managing virtual stores with the correct product descriptions. To fulfil this, developers and designers have to look for better website structures.

On the other hand, uncountable misconceptions make a lot for the developer to decide whether to choose or leave a specific strategy. Initially, ecommerce website development becomes difficult for establishing a business from scratch without proper knowledge.

Here are well-researched myths revealed that hinder the thinking ability of a developer:

1- Regular Updating, a Website, is not Necessary:

This is one of the common development problems. In the beginning, every developer thinks to avoid going for the difficult options. However, visitors are more attracted to the website, which is fast and follows the market trends.

2- No Need to Add Extra Features:

The majority of the ecommerce website developers avoid using more features. They work on patterns that might confuse people. On the Contrary, websites with more convenience are preferred. So, the misconception of developing it in a simple way can reduce the interest of users.

3- Ever Platform Serves in the Same Way:

It is one of the greatest myths that every social platform has the same functions. No, different platforms serve in a particular way. Some are self-hosted while others are not. This type of misconception happens just because of a lack of knowledge.

4- Mobile Versions are a Waste of Money and Time:

There is a rapid increase in mobile users. Also, neglecting this factor would be difficult. Being an ecommerce website developer, I try to make sure and understand the significance of mobile-friendly websites. It would be great to consider mobile usability while developing.

5- Conversions are not Possible with Social Media Buttons:

If you ever come across this thought, then rethink it in a world full of social apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. You can easily convert a visitor with the help of social buttons on the websites.

6- Only Home Page is Important:

An old concept is related to creating a perfect home page. Therefore, an ecommerce website developer is focusing on this too only.  It is no doubt essential, but to ignore navigation properties is not a wise decision.

7- Web Designing and Development is Same:

A number of people confuse designing with development. However, they both are interconnected, still different. Thus, a developer should know their primary role before mixing up the two theories. It will save the website from future complications.

8- Latest Trends does not Impact a Website:

This is a big no. Whoever is trying to create websites with this strategy will fail soon. Also, an ecommerce website developer has to believe that trends bring a considerable difference from competition perspectives. Hence, resulting in more traffic.

9- Include Sales Oriented Approach Always:

Well, that’s an excellent way to have more profit and conversions. But concentrating on those features that improve sales will bore the customers. This is because they want something unique to engage on the website.

Focus on Dos and Don’ts:

To find out the myths mentioned above is not easy for a developer. In the long run, overcoming this and adding all the features will boost the brand reputation, sales and improve digital presence.

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