How to Delete Someone from Messenger?

How to Delete Someone from Messenger

The free mobile messaging app Facebook Messenger is used for group chats, instant messaging, and sharing of pictures, videos, and voice recordings. The app, which can be downloaded for free, enables you to contact both your phone contacts and Facebook followers. The Messenger application is a different application from Facebook. In any case, clients’ profiles … Read more

How Do I Get My MSN Homepage Back?

How Do I Get My MSN Homepage Back?

Are you facing issues while getting back to MSN Homepage? If yes, we are here with absolute assistance for you. Restoration of the MSN can become a tricky task for those who are new to this section. The article is a complete guide that will provide you with absolute information about setting the MSN com … Read more

How to Call Someone If They’ve Blocked Your Number (2022)

how to call a blocked number

Most people have been in this situation where they weren’t able to call someone because their number would be blocked by a person. So, this article gives a lot of information about calling a person even if your number has been blocked by that person. You can call someone who has blocked your number if … Read more

10 Best Random Chat Apps for Android and iOS

Best Chatting apps 2022

Are you looking forward to installing a perfect chatting app on your device? Are you finding it hard to get the best chat app among so many options out there in the marketplace? If yes, here we are with the 10 best random chat apps for android and iOS devices. Chatting with friends or family … Read more

The Reason Why DuckDuckGo is Bad

Why duckduck go is bad

Are you surprised why DuckDuckGo is bad? DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that claims to protect searchers’ privacy. Different complaints have been made to date about the reliability and credibility of this search engine. Several reasons have dragged DuckDuckGo behind. The platform emphasizes never tracking its users but it does. It tracks its users … Read more