How to Call Someone If They’ve Blocked Your Number (2022)

Most people have been in this situation where they weren’t able to call someone because their number would be blocked by a person. So, this article gives a lot of information about calling a person even if your number has been blocked by that person. You can call someone who has blocked your number if that becomes essential. The steps for calling someone who has blocked your number using an iPhone or an Android phone are listed below.

While the call-blocking feature on iPhones and Android phones is excellent for preventing spam calls and bothersome callers, it can also be used to prevent calls from those with whom we have had a falling out as well as to avoid or dodge legitimate callers. Therefore, the goal of this post is to assist individuals who have been unjustly barred (such as someone you owe money to) as well as those who urgently need to contact a person for urgent personal or professional reasons.

Is it legal to get around when the number is blocked?

It’s crucial to understand that phoning someone who has blocked your phone number could be considered harassment and could get you in legal trouble before you try to call someone who has blocked your number. Your social and ethical duty is to protect your privacy and never call someone who doesn’t want to hear from you, even if the person on the other line isn’t likely to do anything.

As was previously mentioned, this post’s purpose is to provide advice for individuals who need to call someone who has banned their phone number due to an emergency or for important personal reasons. It is not responsible for any negative legal repercussions of harassing conduct.

Here are some simple techniques to call even if the number is blocked


1. Call Be Sure and regard other’s privacy

It is very important to note that calling somebody who has blacklisted your number can be perceived as harassing behavior and could land you in hot water before you even start. Your ethical and moral responsibility is to protect the privacy and refrain from calling anyone who does not wish to hear from you, even if the person on the other line is unlikely to take any action. As was already said, the purpose of this post is to assist those who are experiencing an emergency or have important personal reasons to call someone who has blocked their number.

2. Call While Hiding Caller ID

If calling from a different phone number bothers you, you can call the person who has banned your number while hiding your Caller ID on your smartphone. Your Contact’s iPhone or Android phone won’t be able to recognize your phone number when you call them using Hidden Caller ID, and the call will still go through. You will be able to deliver your message or advise the other party that your number has been blocked once you have made contact with them. Depending on the kind of smartphone you’re using, there are different procedures to hide caller ID.

3. Using a fake caller ID

Try to cover up your caller ID. In most cases, it is crucial and aids in hiding your identity when you call someone who has blocked you. Because they won’t be able to identify the caller, the recipient might pick up the phone when you call. Go to your settings and select the “Phone” section if you need to hide your iPhone’s caller ID. After choosing “Show My Caller ID,” deactivate it. Select call from the settings menu on an Android device, then click add. When you arrive, choose Caller ID and then click Hide Number. Your calls won’t be answered.

4. Dial *67

Simply put, this code will make your phone number seem to the recipient “unknown” or “private.” Before dialing the desired number, dial *67 first, then the desired number. Take *670708111111 as an example.

5. Download an application that produces random phone numbers.

You can download a variety of free apps from the Google Play Store. You can call someone who isn’t even using the app using the random number generated by this app. The receiver won’t be able to identify the caller using these apps.

6. Modify the number.

You can easily change your number or use someone else’s phone if nothing else seems to work and you need to contact that individual urgently.  Please take note that this strategy should only be used when you need to tell someone something, not to threaten or blackmail them. Apologies and making peace are appropriate alternatives.

Install a mobile app that generates random phone numbers.

Try downloading one of the many free apps that will give you a completely random phone number if you have a smartphone. This number can be used for calls and texts inside the app, and it might even work for calls to those who don’t have the app. In general, using this method to call someone who has blocked your number is reliable. Try the random phone number generator app Phoner if you want to get random phone numbers to call and SMS.

On Phone, you may generate random phone numbers that can be used for calling, messaging, sending SMS, and even MMS.  You can quickly generate random actual phone numbers with Phone. Another free programme for random phone numbers may be found online. The fact that the area code is likewise created randomly is a benefit of this approach. The recipient won’t question the origin of the call as a result.

Final words

These are simple instructions that have been provided to get the call even if it has been blocked. There could be a real fact where the instructions are important to follow while calling it as well. Some required sources eventually take some procedure to follow to make the guidance. It is very important to do better work here.

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