The Reason Why DuckDuckGo is Bad

Are you surprised why DuckDuckGo is bad? DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that claims to protect searchers’ privacy. Different complaints have been made to date about the reliability and credibility of this search engine. Several reasons have dragged DuckDuckGo behind. The platform emphasizes never tracking its users but it does. It tracks its users using third-party advertising software and that creates a question on its credibility. The platform is quite basic and doesn’t feature any premium or high-quality features as the other search engines do.

The guide is designed to introduce you to the several reasons why DuckDuckGo is supposed to be a bad option.

Doesn’t deliver what it promises

DuckDuckGo promises not to track its users but it does. A wide range of complaints has been made to date by the different companies or even the personalized users as well related to privacy issues. DuckDuckGo tracks its users using third-party sources. It features privacy settings that make it easier for the users to toggle between the strict and moderate privacy settings. Moreover, it also offers you the freedom of accessing “Global Privacy Control” change of region or language. Despite claiming different things the platform fails to keep the promises it claims to be.

Users’ third-party advertising software

DuckDuckGo uses third-party advertising software i.e. Dubbed App Tracking Protection for tracking its users. This third-party tool keeps on running in the background of your phone and identifies the expected time of sending data to the third-party tracker by the application. Once done with the entire process successfully, the application perfectly removes the tracker from your device. So, it is always advised to go through the details properly before installing DuckDuckGo on your device.

Different search engines available today in the marketplace use the user’s information for enabling successful target advertisements. While working on the internet you might also have faced a DuckDuckGo advertisement on your screen. To prevent the misuse of the data collected by the different platforms like DuckDuckGo, it should be quite necessary that you opt for a platform that provides you secure access and keep your data private throughout.

Lacks features

DuckDuckGo had claimed to be loaded with a wide range of advanced and distinct features. It provides an absolute and ad-free experience to the users and also ensures quick access to the information without any failure. Google doesn’t provide such a kind of privacy. The features involved in the DuckDuckGo are claimed to be much more robust and safer.

Despite having so many wonderful features of a desktop browser, DuckDuckGo lacks some of the advanced features and that drags it somewhere behind. The main features that are absent in DuckDuckGo are full browsing history, customizing your new tab page, using vertical tabs, installing sites as apps, and accessing your bookmarks.

DuckDuckGo doesn’t feature any bookmarks bar, Honey shopping tool, or extension support and that puts up more into its failure. If you are one of the users that usually doesn’t access the advanced features of the browser then DuckDuckGo would be a great option to make but if you are concerned about these issues, opting for a more traditional browser with more advanced features would be a great idea to go on.

Functionality is not up to the mark

DuckDuckGo relies on different third-party services for enabling its functionality successfully. It uses Yelp for providing business location information to users. If you don’t know much about Yelp, it only offers basic information on mobile devices. So if you are looking forward to a platform that can provide absolute information about your business without any failure, DuckDuckGo is surely not an option we would advise you to have on.

Higher will be the functionality of the techniques and tools involved on a platform higher would be the performance it will offer its users. It is highly recommended to opt for a high-quality directory on your device to get a high-quality listing of your business. These high-quality directories are designed to provide more accurate information and verify the business information effectively as well. These platforms use information from different resources and add absolute value to your account.

Compromise in anonymity

DuckDuckGo users’ favicons in their browser for searching the different websites featuring your product, company or services offered. If you don’t know what exactly is a favicon, it is a small, easily identifiable icon that displays on your website. It is a shortcut icon that is designed for making your search results much more accurate, faster, and reliable. One can easily find different favicons on their website at different locations. Moreover, one can find the favicons in their search results as well. These favicons are usually provided in the 16 x 16-pixel image that is usually known as a shortcut icon.

DuckDuckGo provides favicons on the websites people are visiting but it may somewhere lead to their privacy violation. The developing technology has affected the way and access over the different tools as well. The majority of the search engines today keep on adding changes included in favicons. But if we talk about DuckDuckGo it still has remained steadfast due to different reasons. The platform doesn’t store the names of the websites you have visited and also doesn’t collect any kind of personal information stored over there. Despite the platform’s claims to provide absolute privacy commitment, its assurance remains a question for many users out there. To protect the user’s privacy, the platform now has retrieved the different favicons directly from its website.


So, Guys! It is all about DuckDuckGo. As the demand for web browsers has been raised in the last few years, it has raised the number of service providers as well. Platforms like DuckDuckGo put on a great hike after their release. But as it became familiar over time and people started using it for their personal and professional usage, different complaints have been registered related to its authenticity and functionality. Despite making a lot of claims related to the security of the user’s privacy, the platform fails to match that level of reliability and safety. It uses a lot of third-party service providers for running its services smoothly.

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